Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Click on the register link and choose user (looking for a date) or Partner (available for a date), and fill in the simple registration form

Do I need to supply a telephone and email address?

You do not need to supply a telephone number as urBan App has a built-in chat function, keeping your numbers private. A valid email address is required for us to send you a validation link.

I have forgotten my password.

Simply click the link at the login page and an email will be sent to your registered email address with instructions. Under my profile section, there is also an option to change password. This can be done as often as you like.

Are my personal details displayed to other users?

No. Only your chosen screen name and age are displayed.

How do I do a profile search?

Use the convenient slider (as a user) to set how much you are willing to pay and how far you want to look from your location. As a partner, use the slider to conveniently set your hourly or nightly rate.

Why are there no profile matches?

Your search criteria either need to be modified, (make sure you have chosen male or female correctly), or there is no one online near your location.

Also make sure that you have enabled location services on your mobile device or browser for accurate results.

Do I need to pay urBan App any fees or commissions as a partner?

No. This is an agent free, non-commission, free to register app.

What will appear on my credit card?

You will be billed as Maxs Tappas.

How do I pay for the date?

The fees for the partner for the date are to be paid direct to the partner. This can be discussed using our chat feature.

Is this app available for iOS?

No. This app is available to download for android from our web site and is available as a mobile web platform for iOS. We suggest that you add an icon to your home screen for this for ease of access.

What information does urBan keep?

We only keep your sign-up information on encrypted servers. Any payments that include credit card details and billings addresses are held by our PCI compliant payment provider and urBan has no access to this information.

I have another problem.

Contact us on or on twitter Urbanapp1