All clients are verified users, ensuring your privacy and safety. Actually get paid what you charge without any commissions or agents. On your profile tab, click online when you are available and you will appear in the app search results. Click it to offline and you won’t be disturbed. Check out the clients profile before you accept a date request and either accept or deny or simply use our secure chat function. All chats delete after 12 hours of a booking, keeping your privacy, private.


Create your private account Create your
private account

Simply register for your account on our secure servers and activate it with a confirmation email you will receive.

Set up your profile Set up your

Upload some sexy pictures, add a descriptive profile description, click if you want per night only and off you go. You can also use our handy slider to set your own rates at any time.

Receive your booking Receive your

if someone wants to book you as a date, you will receive a booking request. You can browse their profile and see their location. You can also chat using our secure chat feature.

Accept your booking Accept your

If you accept the date, simply press accept and they will receive the successful booking notification. If you don’t want the booking, simply press deny.

Get paid direct Get paid

Make sure you get paid before the date and remember, ALL of those funds belong to you.

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  • No Commissions
  • No Agency Fees
  • Full Rates Paid Direct
  • Enter Your Service Fee
  • Browse Profiles and Live Location
  • Be Available Anywhere You Travel
  • No Phone Numbers
  • In APP Chat
  • Accept or Deny Booking Requests
  • Be Online Or Offline With The Simple Switch Of A Button

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